bathtub panels - unique

The panels are beatiful, exchangable and easy to mount. The panels can easely be attached and deattached. This allows you to maintence the drain and clean underneath the bathtub. Or you can use the available space underneath the bathtub for storing purposes.

The Panels are not only openable but also exchangable. If you choose a certaind colour today - it may be out of fashion tomorrow. We are creating new panel decors and colors twice every year so you can change your panel in the future. The framwork does not have to be changed.

Bath tub panel teak

Bathtub panel Teak

How does it work?

The bathtub is lowered in to a framework (included in the panel price) and the panels are attached to the framework. There are no visible screws.
The frame is made out of steel and is not effected by water or humidity.

The panel can be attached and deattached as many times as you like. The total mounting time is at about 7 minutes. You as a costumer saves money because there is no tiling work to be done. You can do it your self!

 Stälning till fronter

Bathtub Panels suitable for Kaldewei bathtub models:


  • Saniform Plus; 361-1, 362-1, 363-1, 372-1, 373-1, 375-1
  • Cayono; 747, 748, 749, 750, 751
  • Puro; 683, 687, 652, 691, 653
  • Classic Duo, 103, 105, 107, 109, 110
  • Dyna Set; 626, 624, 620, 622

Available measurments:

Long section Short section
1500 700
1600 750
1700 800

Benefits with bath tub panel

  • Economical - no need to pay for tiles and the work of a tiler
  • Safe - humidity can't destroy any woodwork underneath the bathtub Our frame is made out of non corrosive steel
  • Fast - you can assemble everything in just under 7 minutes
  • Exchangable - if you get tired of your panel just change it to another color or decor. Much easier then to re-rile your bathtub
  • Variety - you can choose color of you panel and well keep on adding new ones
  • Space saving - you can use the space underneath you bathtub for storing purposes since the panel is easy to open and close

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